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Google doesn’t look right or It redirect to different sites.

Browser hijackers are a particularly nasty breed of malware.

Such programs take over your Web browser and can stealthily redirect your Google searches and other queries to fake pages meant to steal your personal information or to further infect your system.
Running a real-time antivirus utility is the best way to stay safe. If your browser has already been hijacked, uninstall the browser and use your antivirus program in conjunction with Malwarebytes to remove the intruder.

Your computer is slow?

The most common problem of all. A slow computer can cause many frustrations, but fortunately there is something you can do yourself before you replace it. There may be several reasons for a slow computer; however, the most common is lack of maintenance. Fragmented data, a corrupted registry, spyware and dozens of unnecessary programs running at the same time, easily eat at the speed and performance of your PC.

Tips: Keep track of your programs. Remove those of which you never use or shut them down when you’ve used them. Clean your registry with one of the many free or paid applications available for Windows. These two initiatives alone will easily be able to make your PC up to 30% faster. Also, run Disk Defragmenter and stop unwanted programs starting with Windows by running MSconfig.

My computer turns off or sleeping by itself-What can I do?

Typically this is due to dying power supply, bad cable connections, defective battery or overheating when the computer shuts down by itself to cool down.
Tips: Check first of all that the cables are properly connected. If the computer is very hot, check if the fan needs cleaning of dust. If it is a laptop, check whether your battery has deteriorated over time and may need to be replaced.


If your computer is sleeping of when you connect with broadband modem you need to download caffeine small application that prevents your pc from sleeping by itself. Download this free small application and open it before you connect your broadband modem. Click here to download Caffeine (Note: This application will be used if you have changed your PC power options to not sleeping in any condition.)

As a quick word of caution, neither myself nor the library can be responsible for any changes/damages made to your computer from the result of this tutorial package, so be careful!

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