Thank you for visiting MAANGATECH, a new company established in 2012. It has been performing ICT-related services like Web Development, Graphics Designing, and some software development like the Swahili Holy Bible. For the time being the company has expanded its services such as web hosting, open-source solutions, applications designing, social media marketing, and free-of-charge tutorials.
The main goal of this company is to empower ICT in Africa, especially in East Africa, starting with Tanzania. ICT is the backbone of the activities of modern people. That is why MAANGATECH has decided to set up different strategies and programmes to empower people in Africa, particularly those who need ICT knowledge and service with minimal cost.
Individuals are invited to make use of MAANGATECH for knowledge expansion. People are also invited to share their materials with others on this site. To submit your material and your details to MAANGATECH click here! Note that all materials submitted should be original work from authors, to avoid plagiarism. MAANGATECH makes sure that authors own the copyright for all the articles submitted. Thank you!

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